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The platform where Marketing, Customer Service and Digital come together to create happy customers

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People-Driven, AI-Enabled Customer Care for Your Business

Meet DGTL Engage

Manage your online communities and take control of the conversation

Consolidate conversations from across your business’ social media profiles and other digital channels, such as e-mail, SMS, website forms, and others. Empower your team to connect with customers, solve service issues, and deliver high-quality customer experiences.

A Better Way to Get from Content Idea to Published Post

Meet DGTL Create

Spend more time creating and less time coordinating

Bring your creative teams, agencies, and freelancers together to plan, collaborate, and schedule content for all your social channels. No more e-mails or endless file shares, DGTL Create provides everything you need in one platform.

Gain Insights, Aggregate Data, Train Bots, and Everything in Between

Meet DGTL Analyze

It’s Your Data, Harness Its Power and Make it Work For Your Business

Analyze harvests, enriches, and stores data from your connected accounts, conversations, and creative workflows to deliver powerful insights that help you better understand your customers and the experiences they are having with your business.

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