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Analyze Your Digital Performance with DGTL Analyze

DGTLsuite’s platform helps businesses manage their digital customer service inbox, plan and schedule content, and easily collaborate with teams.

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Reporting and Metrics that Matter

Simple, intuitive, and filterable reports that quickly tell you what is and isn’t working with your digital efforts.

Features of DGTL Analyze

Powerful data drives the best decision making. Track the metrics that matter to your business and extract informed and actionable insights from your analytics.

Take advantage of multiple dashboards and easy filtering

Numbers and graphs are worthless without meaning. Quickly gather and explore detailed data to measure results, demonstrate impact on your business, and influence long-term decision making for your digital efforts.

Some of the analytics reported on in Analyze:

  • Volume by Channel and Day
  • Response Rates
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Post Performance

Filter based on tags, protocols, content, and message type to highlight the metrics that matter the most for your content and digital customer service strategy.  Select custom date ranges, specific inbound and outbound channels, and understand visualizations that reflect your business’s KPIs to deliver valuable reports with ease.

Deep dive into all your analytics

Measure digital customer service and community management ROI by diving into your team’s performance simultaneously. Improve response times for customer care initiatives and see trending topics that your customers are talking about across all your digital channels.

Team insights help improve your customer care

 See how quickly and how often individual team members reply to digital conversations and complete assigned messages to measure team productivity and improve customer care.

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