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Pick the Right Plan for Your Business

Choose between our Single User plans for small businesses who need fewer features, or our Teams plans for larger businesses who need pro-user features.

Single User Plan Team Plan

Team Pricing



Each additional user +$99/mo



Each additional user +$199/mo



All-inclusive pricing
Contact Us
Free Trial
Billing Options


Content Dashboard
Content Planning w/ Drafts
Content Library w/ Folder Sharing & Security
Content Logistics Workspace w/ Preview
Content Assignments & Update History
Content Scheduling
Agency Enablement Features
3rd Party Enablement Features

Connected Accounts

Core Social (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google)
Twitter Add-On (50)
Twitter Add On (100)
Zapier Integrations
Chatbot Connector
API Access
Developer Documentation
Single Sign -On (SAML 2.0) Authentication


Unified Digital Inbox
Conversation History
Inbound/Outbound Response Grouping
Fully Integrated Knowledge Base w/ Quick Replies
Automatic Sentiment Assignment
UGC Harvesting
Team Collaboration Features for Customer Engagement
Integrated Agent QA
BPO Enablement Features
Advanced Multi-brand Support With Parent-Child Relationships
Smart Filter Automation
Automated Data Tagging (NLP Based)
AI Powered Community Management


Engagement Volume w/ Sentiment Analysis
Response Rates & ASA
User Analytics
Advanced Multi-brand Analytics With Parent-Child Relationships
Analyze - BI Connector
Entity Analytics Powered By NLP
Credit Card


+ $49
+ $99


Credit Card / Net30


+ $49
+ $99




Volume Based Pricing
Volume Based Pricing

Frequently asked questions

If I downgrade to DGTLsuite Basic, will scheduled posts still go out?

Yes, scheduled posts will continue to go out after the trial ends, as long as the connected social channel is not removed from DGTL Account. However, no additional posts will be able to be scheduled until you upgrade your plan to a paid option.

Will I be notified before my free trial ends?

Yes, you will receive a reminder email one week before your first charge.

What happens after my free trial ends?

The payment method on file is charged unless you have chosen to downgrade to DGTLsuite Basic before the trial period has ended.

What is a core social media platform?

Currently, our core platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google. X (formally known as Twitter) is available as an add-on to the DGTLsuite business plan.

What payment methods does DGTLsuite accept?

DGTLsuite accepts credit and debit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We’re not able to accept PayPal, check, or bank transfer payments.

What social media networks are supported by DGTLsuite?

DGTLsuite supports key social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. You can also monitor and respond to comments on selected platforms and generate quick reports to analyze your efforts and make better strategic decisions in the future.

Who is the DGTLsuite Basic plan ideal for?

One person who wants to publish content or engage with their community across two connected accounts.

Who is the DGTLsuite Pro plan ideal for?

One person that needs more accounts or wants analytics, or a team that wants to collaborate.

Who is the DGTLsuite Business plan ideal for?

A team that needs advanced analytics, multi-brand support, or X (formally known as Twitter). X is available as an add-on.

Who is the DGTLsuite Enterprise plan ideal for?

A team that wants advanced features like email/text connectors, chatbots, and API access.

Does DGTLsuite offer a free trial?

Yes, DGTLsuite offers a free trial on our Pro and Business plans for 30 days. During the trial, you can change your plan type at any time, including paying for a subscription or opting for our Basic plan, which is Free Forever.

Are there posting limits within the subscription tiers?

No, we do not have any posting limits within any of our subscription tiers.

Does DGTLsuite offer analytics?

Yes, DGTL Analyze (available with any paid plan) provides volume and response analytics and basic content analytics.

Can I schedule social media posts with DGTLsuite?

Yes you can! You can schedule and publish posts both directly for single image/video posts and carousels across our supported social media channels. We also have the ability to “mark a post as scheduled” if you choose to publish it manually.

Can I have multiple users?

All of our plans include one user seat, with the ability to purchase more user seats at any time.

Are there any contracts or commitments?

There are no contracts on our Basic, Pro, or Business plans and you can cancel at any time. At the end of your free trial, you’ll be asked to add your credit card. If you add a credit card during the trial, you’ll be billed automatically at the end of your trial period. If you sign a contract for a custom Enterprise plan, the terms outlined in the contract will be applicable.

Do you offer software training?

Yes, (visit our knowledge base to access help documents and software walkthroughs. You can request support via a ticket submission here (Request support:

Will I lose anything when I move from trial to subscription?

If you are downgrading from a free trial of a paid plan to a DGTLsuite Basic subscription, your additional users’ accounts will be deactivated, and only two social accounts will remain active.


What People Say

Senior IT Project ManagerGVTC

DGTLsuite has been a game changer for us, much more than just a social customer care outfit. They made our business more agile and better equipped to respond to changes in our customers needs and expectations.

Director of Digital MarketingHEB

DGTLsuite helped us build one of the world’s best-in-class social media customer service ecosystems; what impressed us was the real value their analytics provided. We discovered issues and wins from big picture to the molecular level when engaging with our customers. Together we discovered topics, locations, demographics, and volume-drivers all directly from our customers and mapped out in an easy-to-digest report.”

Ambassador of Hype and DesignDoubleDave’s Pizzaworks

People love pizza, but we wanted more people to talk about DoubleDave’s Pizza. The Create platform organized our content and social media structure, the DGTL Agency team got people thinking about our pizza in different ways, so much so that a Canadian newspaper wrote about our Texas pizzeria chain!

SEO and Digital Marketing ManagerConn’s HomePlus

Our challenge to keep up with our growing e-commerce and online presence was not scalable for our team. DGTL came in implemented their platform, built a digital customer service team along with processes, and managed all our engagements 24x7x365 improving our DXE services.

Social Media CoordinatorVIA Metropolitain Transit

Social media is a medium that never sleeps and is on 24x7, just like some of our services. With DGTL we were able to facilitate a new form of communication with AVA the website chatbot for our riders to connect with us whenever!

Gloria FCalathea Mini Med Spa

DGTLsuite helped me become more organized when starting up my business’s social media content calendar. It was super helpful to be able to see all my posts from one place and the unified inbox helped me keep track of all the questions and comments about my services without needing to log into each individual platform!

Co-Founder and CMOFishFace Streams

Before working with DGTLsuite, our brand was visually disjointed, and we had no clear vision of how we wanted to be represented online. DGTLsuite made it easy to make sure our published social media content was on-brand no matter what channel it went out on. We now have a highly engaged audience of fans online and have built a growing base of app subscribers.

Sofia K.Independent Freelancer

I can schedule all the posts across my clients on social media from one place, which is a HUGE time saver! It’s so user-friendly and you can see all activity happening in real-time.

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